Institutional Projects:

  1. Comparative studies on meat quality and muscle transcriptomic profile of indigenous and commercial chicken .
  2. Technology refinement and development: Need based and demand driven for dynamic meat market.
  3. Innovative interventions for promotion of the meat sector in North Eastern Region .
  4. Effect of essential oils for enhancing safety and quality of emulsion based chicken meat products
  5. Design and development of mobile slaughterhouses for promoting hygienic development
  6. Augmenting the marketing potential of fresh meat & traditional meat products through e-commerce and online marketing platforms
  7. Evaluation of non-thermal food processing technologies for extending shelf-life and safety of meat and meat products .
  8. Implementation of Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and Mapping of Water and Energy Consumption in Meat Processing Facilities.
  9. Emerging abattoir-associated occupational zoonoses: Pilot survey and development of rapid screening assay(s) .
  10. Process optimization for composting of solid and liquid waste generated in the small ruminant and poultry slaughterhouse .
  11. Organic meat production system for sustainable sheep husbandry & production of consumer health .
  12. Technological interventions for livelihood enhancement of socially backward people under SCSP .
  13. Influence of breed, age, sex and feeding systems of sheep on genes regulating meat quality traits .
  14. Development of nanocomposite biodegradable packaging material for meat & Meat products .
  15. Evaluation of modified atmosphere packaging and a calorimetric indicator for improving the shelf-life of meat and meat products .
  16. Confirmatory analysis of colistin& nitrogen antimicrobial residues in broiler chicken samples by tandem mass spectrometry .
  17. Development of DNA Mini-barcodes and High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis assay for processed/cooked meat products authentication.
  18. Studies on risk analysis of antimicrobial resistance among bacterial food-borne pathogens from broiler chicken farms of Telangana
  19. Impact evaluation of NRCM technologies and trainings /Capacity building Programmes .
  20. Integrated omics approach for assessment of meat quality and safety .
  21. Valorization of collagen/gelatin from poultry processing waste: bioactive peptides with antioxidative and antihypertensive activities .
  22. Development and storage stability of poultry slaughter coproducts based pet snack.
  23. Amalgamation of information technology with meat technology for quality and safe meat production
  24. Development of Certified Reference Material (CRM, as per ISO 17034:2016) for qualitative determination of animal species in regulatory food/forensic laboratories)
  25. Development of novel molecular assays for food authenticity.

Externally Funded Projects:

  1. Network for Scientific Cooperation for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (NetSCOFAN) – FSSAI funded
  2. Establishment of consortium for one health to address zoonotic and transboundary diseases in India including north eastern region – DBT funded project
  3. Development of encapsulated nanoparticle conjugated phytochemicals to combat antimicrobial resistance in poultry – ICAR – NASF funded project
  4. DBT Network Programme on Anthrax Diagnosis and Control in India -DBT funded project
  5. Agri Business Incubator project – ICAR – NASF funded project.
  6. Traceable value chain for safe pork in the North Eastern Region of India- Funded by ICAR National Agricultural Science Fund
  7. ICAR Outreach program: Monitoring of Drug Residues and Environmental Pollutants
  8. Cost effective technology for making delignified rice straws with improved digestion for cattle feedapplications(Nutritional evaluation of delignified paddy straw in ruminant animals)Under CSIR-ICAR MoU